Bitcoin on Ethereum (DeFi) – WBTC, renBTC, tBTC, sBTC – Compound, Maker, Synthetix

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Sign up for free DeFi webinars
2:11 WrappedBTC (WBTC)
6:33 How to get WBTC?
7:29 RenVM and RenBTC
9:33 tBTC
12:01 Synthetix Network and sBTC
15:45 Compound yield farming
17:00 WBTC can be used as collateral on Compound
17:56 Borrow DAI based on WBTC in Maker
18:04 The best strategy to borrow DAI from WBTC
22:55 Sign up for free DeFi webinars
23:04 Next episode – The best of DEXes


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