Can you use racial traits while Wildshaped?

Can you use racial traits while Wildshaped?

A racial trait works with Wild Shape unless that trait requires anatomy the beast form lacks. No beast form has a tortle shell. #DnD.

What class is best for a Kalashtar?

That makes them good at almost every caster or half caster: Cleric, Druid, Warlock, Sorcerer, Bard, Paladin, or Ranger. (also Blood Hunter). Dual Mind is very helpful for resistanting mind influence effects.

Can a Kalashtar be a druid?

Druid. The Kalashtar makes a great druid for the same reasons that they make a great cleric. Additionally, since their racial traits are all mental rather than physical they persist while using Wild Shape.

Can a Dragonborn Druid use breath weapon?

Dragonborn druids can still use their breath weapons.

Do resistances carry over to wild shape?

RAW and RAT (rules as tweeted), yes, resistances are kept by a wildshaped Tiefling or similar. By using the answers to this question, it can be seen that any and all features that do not explicitly require a feature on the beast (such as Hellish Rebuke requiring a finger to point) are valid for transference.

Can Druids speak in Wildshape?

If you built a drew letters on a piece of parchment, the wildshape druid could spell out words. If the druid has a raven familiar, the druid can concentrate to control the raven and can use it’s mimicry to speak.

Can a Druid speak in wild shape?

You can perform the somatic and verbal components of a druid spell while in a beast shape (id.) But, this would be a houserule and likely not intended by RAW since Beast Spells specifically limits the verbal aspect to druid spells (not all spells).

Is Kalashtar a celestial?

Kalashtar Celestial is fine.

What is a good background for a druid?

Druids have a strong connection to nature, so it’s natural that a druid would be knowledgeable about the lands they travel and what it can provide. It’s suggested that those with the Outlander background see the ties of the natural world as one of the most important bonds in life, which is often true of druids.

Can Kalashtar be evil?

Kalashtar fleeing and hiding from the Dreaming Dark are cautious of others, though they remain invariably polite, kind, and even compassionate. Dealing with the Dreaming Dark is the most important goal for kalashtar, as most see them as the ultimate evil in existence.

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