Cardano (ADA) 2 Million TPS Vs Hedera (HBAR) 10,000?

Canrdano Can Handle Up To 2 Million TPS? So I ran across this question and answer website and a person by the name of Joseph Benson asked the questions of whether or not Cardano can handle up to 2 million TPS. So Joseph went on to say, and I quote “I can’t help but notice the buzz about Cardano’s claim of two million TPS. Is this all hype, and sacrificing security for speed?” End quote. And I guess Joseph is wondering if this is just hype because as we all know Cardano is basically the most hyped coin that has ever existed. I mean they said ADA would be the world’s reserve currency, and that it would be the next coin listed on PayPal, and that the European Union would use ADA as their digital dollar, and that ADA would be worth $50, then they said $100 dollars, and then they said 1000 dollars. Now last I heard they said ADA would be worth 5000 dollars. Oh, and their road map said it would be adopted by like 10 fortune 500 companies and like 50 banks. And they said that Cardano was the greenest cryptocurrency in the world. But not 1 of those statements has ever come true. Not 1. So that giant market cap that Cardano achieved was all based on lies. Anyway, a person by the name of Ralph Gupta responded, and he said, and I quote, “What good is 2m transactions per second when Cardano is processing like 7 per second because nobody uses its network? None of them are aBFT so they will never be used for enterprise applications because they lack security. Most of those other chains also use a leader node which means you could DDoS the banks’ ledger and bring the world’s payment infrastructure offline. They sacrifice security for speed when they don’t even do any throughput. It’s pathetic.” End quote. Then, another person responded by the name of Mohan, and he said, quote “If I remember correctly, early on in development Hedera (HBAR) were saying up to 500,000 tps. Not a million but (again if I remember correctly) Visa does something like 50-100k tps globally, so 500k is plenty.” End quote. And by the way, if I remember correctly, it’s 500,000 TPS per shard. And remember, Hedera is aBFT and that’s why Hedera is owned and governed by the world’s leading organizations. And that’s why Hedera will accomplish their goal of being the world’s first mass-adopted DLT. This is why all of the fortune 500 comapnies are choosing Hedera over Cardano. So pretty much the whole world will be running on Hedera. And when Hedera does become mass-adopted world-wide, maybe HBAR will have a 3 trillion dollar market cap some day. Anyway, leave a comment and tell me your opinion? Can Cardano achieve 2 million TPS or is this just more hype. And if Cardano can achieve 2 million TPS, are they sacrificing security since they are not aBFT? And, why would Cardano even be concerned about 2 million TPS when when there only doing about 7 per second. By the way, please as always help support this channel by liking the video and subscribing. Thanks and have a blessed day. On the Hedera network, 10,000 transactions can take place each second. Similar questions, what is Solana TPS, what are Dogecoin TPS?


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