Davinci Edited Show: $MKR vs. $Stake Altcoin Showdown!!! NEW INVESTORS GETTING ON THE BITCOIN BUS!!!

Here is the edited version of Davinci’s September 14th show.

Today we’re taking an indepth look at alt-coins including STAKE and MKR. As well as the alt-coins that YOU wish to look at in the question and answer.

The Bitcoin Tram Campaign begins in Hong Kong:

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Stand By: 0:00
Introduction: 6:49
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: 8:09
Ethereum Technical Analysis: 10:33
BFG itech: 14:25
What is xDai?: 15:12
Pandora’s Wallet New Website & 50% Off Sale!: 23:57
Possible Gifts For DJ15 Token Holders: 25:47
“Do I need Pandora’s to get DJ15 gifts?”: 26:59
Q&A Section: 27:26
Q1. DOT TA please!: 27:35
Q2. Take a look at STAKE: 30:00
Q3. Take a look at TrustSwap: 31:51
Q4. TA on RING token please!: 34:38
Q5. Look at OST/BTC on weekly candles!: 36:50
Q6. TA on SNX!: 40:28
Q7. TA on STRATIS (STRAT)!: 42:19
Q8. Look at BAT please!: 43:47


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