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How To Make Cafe Curtains? Wanna add a bit of style to your home? Or maybe you want to create an elegant cafe look in your room. You can do it with Cafe Curtains! They are fashionable, simple and easy to make. All you need is some time and a little creativity, so let’s get started!

How To Make Cafe Curtains? Everything You Should Know For Elegant Cafe Curtains

How To Make Cafe Curtains? Everything You Should Know For Elegant Cafe Curtains

We have collected all the information about how to make cafe curtains in one article. If you follow our instructions step by step, then I’m sure that soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy new stylish window coverings for any place in your house or office. Let’s start from basics.

What is a cafe curtain?

The term “cafe curtain” might not be as widely known or used by many people, but it can provide a great way to cover your windows! It is called this because cafes would hang their curtains halfway up the window and often times there were separators (sometimes even hard lines) already drawn on-site. This design choice was made so that patrons could see who walked in without opening too far; also remember those old roadside places you visited as kid where they covered all light coming through from outside with sheer fabric?

Cafe curtains are a great way to bring the cozy feel of your favorite coffee house into any space. They come in different styles and materials, but they always have that textured fabric on them which can be both stylish as well as functional! Whether you want something sheer or NOT so see-through; lined with lining paper only (so there’s no need for itchy Sonia Kang sock linings), maybe even unlined – we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for at our store here today.

Things you’ll need to make cafe curtains

  • Make your own custom curtains for the window to match any decor. You will need fabric, adhesive tape (if not using a sewing machine), clips and rod of same color as tension rings- I love these ones!
  • Fabric – The amount needed depends on how big your window is; it’s best if you order more than enough since there are no real rules when making them other then that they should always look good together in whatever style or design theme that suits YOU personally 🙂
  • Clips & Rings: These come two different types but can also serve double duty depending upon preference–why buy multiple items just because both exist?

How to make cafe curtains?

How to make cafe curtains? 

How to make cafe curtains? 

Step 1

Hold up your curtain rod against the window to see where it’ll sit. You can put them halfway up, but if you want an elevating effect then higher would be better!

Step 2

Mark the window frame where you plan on installing your rod so there’s no mistake. Then measure from that mark to a point 6 inches below and above it for extra hemming material, which will prevent any tears in curtains when they’re pulled back against thick glass like this one often has (or others may not).

Marking out an accurate spot near or at ground level where we’ll later install our curtain rods would make things easier than trying do everything before hand!

Step 3

Measure the width of your window. Multiply this measurement by 1.5 to get a rough estimate for each panel size you need in order to cover all areas and still have enough material left over!

Step 4

To make your own curtains, all you’ll need is a yard of fabric and some sharp scissors. After laying out an appropriate size for each curtain panel on the ground face down with right sides together (so they’re nice and easy to work), measure how long these pieces should be before cutting them using ruler in hand as reference point or inch markings along edge where precision isn’t needed due just making sure it’s even).

Step 5

It’s time to get crafting! Line up your panels and fold the bottom edge down 2 inches. Press with an iron, then open it back up again for a final press before sewing on both sides of hemline using machine or by hand as desired (I recommend needle & thread).

Step 6

Hemming curtains is a very easy task that does not require much time or skill. All you will need are some safety pins, an ironing board for pressing hem lines, and fabric glue if desired! First make sure the curtain panels are clean before starting this project because there’s no telling what kind of dirt might be stuck in between all those pleats- but don’t worry about ruining it; these hems can easily come out at your next cleaning session once everything has dried properly again after being glued together with hot melt adhesive (though I always recommend just sewing them shut instead).

Step 7

Starting at one end, attach a ring to the top hem and use your tape measure. Apply rings every three or four inches along entire length until you reach opposite side of each panel for an even look that is not bulky in height but still full coverage. Press curtains after taping down all seams together once they are hung up comfortably – this will remove any wrinkles from coming back as soon as you take them off!

Step 8

Mount the curtain rod brackets onto your window frame. Slide in one clip-on ring at a time, then line up and carefully push it into place until there is no further bend or kink to be found with either set of rings on this sleek accessory for any space!

Advantage and disadvantage of make cafe curtains


  • You know that feeling when you walk into a room and it just feels like home? That’s what cafe curtains give people. They’re in their element all throughout coastal cottages, farmhouse kitchens, breakfast nooks or out on the patio during summertime Thanks to how easy they are to make — not mention economical!– these hanging panels can be customized for any style! Now isn’t time spend your dollars wisely by investing in something special?
  • If you’re trying to make an ordinary room into something stylish, full-length curtains are the way to go. They can turn any space into a luxury haven with just one touch of button!


  • But these “half-curtains” have a downside that might make them unsuitable for your staging project. Used in the wrong room or house, they can look skimpy and cheap – not at all like their full counterparts which screening will reveal to be elegant draping pieces made from high quality fabrics sourced worldwide!
  • The best way to block out light and let in privacy is with roller shades. They allow you the option of either blocking out all outside visibility or just enough so that people can’t see what’s going on inside your house from down below, while still letting them know when someone should arrive at their front door!

Tips and tricks for best cafe curtains

Tips and tricks for best cafe curtains

Tips and tricks for best cafe curtains

I like to see cafe curtain rods that sit at exactly the halfway point on double- Hung windows, or wherever there is a sash edge. This method gives a cleaner more deliberate appearance than one where you have so many different pieces of metal crossing each other haphazardly across your window panes. I also suggest keeping all hardware items -curtains and rings-,such as natural wood or painted metals with nickel plating; however if it’s really important for them both match in color then make sure what colors are used first before combining those two together!

Variations of cafe curtains

Variations of cafe curtains

Variations of cafe curtains

Curtains are a beautiful way to help create the perfect atmosphere for your home. Curtains can come in different styles, colors and designs that will match any décor you have! With so many options available it might seem like there is no end to what kind of curtain style fits best with how one wants their room decorated – but this couldn’t be further from the truth if we’re talking about curtains made from old towels fastened together by rings or fabric loops at tension rods placed right outside each window’s edge near where they meet up against roofline-. The simplest version I found was exactly as its name suggests: rod pocketed panels attached using clips on both sides.

For those installing their own cafe curtains, it is possible to stitch the rings onto fabric or buy clip-on ones. This makes washing easy and eliminates any brackets in your home’s staging plan!


It’s time to get creative and make your own cafe curtains! All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine, and if desired, curtain rods. If you’re looking for inspiration or instructions on how to sew up your own set of new café drapes, we recommend checking out the tutorial here. Now that’s all there is too it–enjoy those beautiful views with style and flair!

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