Meet Jenny's Sisters! – Sibling Tsunami Retrospective

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Why do you like XJ-6? What’s up with that? XJ-8 is the best, get outta here!

Full Credits:

Editor: spark453 (

Writer: Jack Hubert (

Narrator: Andre

Thumbnail Creator: TheProgBass (

Thumbnail Artists: TheProgBass (
IamOctopii (


8 Bit Yoshi Star Galaxy (

General Art and Assets (Across all Videos):
Atomic Geek (
KateCW (
Plants10000 (
Spark453 (
TheProgBass (
Trevok (

Intro and Outro Animation By: RetsofNoraa (
Outro Animation Assistance By:
Intro Music By: Sebastian Brown (
Outro Music By: TheProgBass (
Outro Voice Actress: Froboty (

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I didn’t create, nor do I own My Life as a Teenage Robot. These videos are made as a tribute to the memory of the show.


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