Motorcycle Warehouse Burglars Stopped in Their Tracks

Dallas, TX warehouse Monitored by Night Hawk Monitoring. Here is a video of a recent incident that occurred at one of our customer’s locations. The subjects in the video use a stolen vehicle to crash through our customer’s gate. They then use a chain with a hook on the end to pull the bay door off of the track and out of the way so they can enter the building. If this customer was just depending on an alert from their burglar alarm, the subjects would have had plenty of time to load several dirt bikes into the bed of the truck and escape. Night Hawk Monitoring agents were able to see the vehicle crash the gate and immediately call the local police department. The call was received as a burglary in progress and our team was able to relay the subject’s description and location to police which resulted in a response time of less than five minutes. This video depicts the lengths that thieves will go through to penetrate a building and take whatever they want. For more info on our service, visit our site:

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