What does Suporma do in EarthBound?

The Suporma (also known as the Super Orange Machine) is a machine that can be received from Orange Kid in EarthBound. If Ness decides to free v bucks  give Orange Kid money to help him develop his inventions, Orange Kid returns the favor by giving Ness the Suporma to spread peace and goodwill.

particularly, Where is the pencil eraser in EarthBound?

The Iron Pencils are found in: Peaceful Rest Valley, Near Brick Road in Winters, and inside of the Monkey Cave. In Mother 3, Lucas and friends can acquire the Pencil Eraser from a Gift Box in the Hall of Memories floor of the Empire Porky Building in New Pork City.

thus, Where is the girl in EarthBound?

Paula is a resident of Twoson in the country of Eagleland, and the daughter of the owners of the local Polestar Preschool, when she joins the adventure.

in effect How do you get out of Twoson in EarthBound?

To cure this condition, go into any hospital and talk to the blue-haired guy in the lobby. He will buy the mushroom from you, curing the condition. You can go back to the Onett hospital if you need to get rid of a mushroom, or you can try to make it to Twoson and visit the hospital there.

What does the protractor do in EarthBound?

The ruler is an item that has no apparent application and appears in EarthBound, along with a similar item called the protractor, and in EarthBound Beginnings. The item serves no real purpose, and will only produce text stating that the user can « figure out the lengths of things easily ».

Can I sell the pencil eraser EarthBound?

You can store the Pencil eraser if you want. You will have to use it again, and it’s a pain having to retrieve it from storage every time you have to use it, but you’ll use it so infrequently that I can’t really recommend carrying it around with you at all times.

How do you move the pencil in EarthBound?

Find Apple Kid near the lady selling bananas. Apple Kid will give you the Pencil Eraser, which makes all pencil-shaped objects in the vicinity free v bucks  disappear. Take the Pencil Eraser to the pencil statue in Peaceful Rest Valley and use the Pencil Eraser to get rid of the statue.

Where is Happy Happy Village EarthBound?

Happy Happy Village is a location in EarthBound, appearing on the other side of Peaceful Rest Valley. It is the third town that Ness visits. Ness comes to the area when he receives a message from Paula asking him to save her.

Where is Paula’s house in EarthBound?

Everdred. When you’re finished browsing head to the house located on the left side of the park. A man on top of the house will spot you and jump down. Make sure you heal up before approaching him because he wants to fight.

How old is Jeff EarthBound?

Jeff is a thirteen year old boy from Winters, who lives at Snow Wood Boarding School. He is unable to use PSI abilities, but makes up for it with his high IQ, giving him the ability to repair broken items. His primary weapons are guns, and can also use specialty projectile items like Bombs and Bottle Rockets.

How old is Paula EarthBound?

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Paula ポーラ Pola
Clay model from Mother 2
Gender Female


Appears in EarthBound

Jun 19, 2021

What level should I be in EarthBound?

Before fighting Frank and Frankystein Mark II, Ness should be around level 7-8. It would be best to be at level 8 because Ness will learn PSI Rockin’ Alpha, which can help a whole lot when fignting Frank and Frankystein.

Is there a hospital in Twoson EarthBound?

The street leading up from the Department Store has the town’s Hospital on it, and the street heading down from Chaos Theater has the Burglin Park and leads to the street with the Polestar Preschool, a Pizza Store, and the Bus Station.

Are slingshots good in EarthBound?

Slingshots are equippable weapons appearing in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, and are usable by all of the party members in both games. In EarthBound, all of the slingshots miss 18.75% of the time.

How do you get past the waterfall in EarthBound?

After you’re back out of the cave, continue north until you find the waterfall. You need to get under and behind the waterfall, so push up against the little dirt patch at the edge and Ness should disappear. Now walk left until the screen stops scrolling and then push up. Someone should say, « Say the password! »

How do you get to Winters EarthBound?

After Ness and Paula are trapped, Paula sends a message to Jeff in Winters.

  1. Wake Up.
  2. Get the Bad Key Machine from Maxwell.
  3. Get Equipped, and Leave the Boarding School.
  4. Befriend Bubble Monkey.
  5. Talk to the Tessie Watchers and Stay Overnight.
  6. Hitch a Ride with Tessie.
  7. Go through Brick Road’s Maze.

How do you fix the broken bazooka in EarthBound?

The Broken Bazooka is an item in EarthBound. It is found in the Fourside Sewers and Jeff Andonuts can repair it. Jeff requires 45 IQ to repair it, meaning it will take a while for Jeff to have the proper IQ.

How do you get the eraser eraser in EarthBound?

After going back to Dr. Andonut’s Lab and speaking with Apple Kid’s Mouse you will get the Eraser Eraser then head below Stonehenge to the Stonehenge Base.

How do you cross the bridge in EarthBound?

Make your way to the Pencil Statue and use the Pencil eraser on it. After it disappears head straight pass the first bridge and keep going up until you run into the Photo-man. Have your picture taken and head back down and cross the bridge.

Where is Paula in Happy Happy Village?

If you go into the small cave in the north of the village, you will come upon the cabin that you passed on your way here. This cabin is where Paula, who has been sending you psychic messages, is being held prisoner.

Is there an ATM in Happy Happy Village?

The drug store has an ATM and the house with a cow out front is a hostel.

Is Ness alive in Mother 3?

The point, however, stands that it is very far in time from EarthBound, and it is highly unlikely, even if you consider that hotdog guy theory, that Ness and the others are alive during the events of MOTHER 3. And because of this, as Inco mentioned, Dr. Andonuts was most likely kidnapped by Porky.

How do you get through the ghost tunnel in EarthBound?

Before Threed is rid of its zombies, the only way to travel through the tunnel is on the Runaway Five’s bus, as the loud music drives the ghosts away.

Who is Starman in EarthBound?

The Starmen are a race of beings in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound. They are extraterrestrial beings, and are among the original users of PSI. Starmen are common among the higher ranks of Giygas’s army.

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