What is Avalanche AVAX? And can it replace Ethereum, Polygon or Solana blockchains? 🍻HAPPY HOUR


It’s been a while since our last Happy Hour. But now we are back! With a lot of new exciting guests and topics!

This time we will have a chat with Midas DeFi Analyst Nikita, who also studies at Oxford and def knows a lot about the wild west of the crypto world.

We are going to talk about AVAX!

✅ What is Avalanche and how is it different from other blochains?
✅ What is the history of Avalanche blockchain?
✅ Are there any big institutional investors in the blockchain?
✅ What technology is used in Avalanche? Why is it so unique?
✅ Let’s talk about DeFi on Avalanche. What dapps can be built on it? What are the opportunities?
✅ Now let’s talk about AVAX token. What is it’s potential? Should one hold it in their portfolio? How’s the tockenomics arranged? Is there any form of governance?
✅ What about the roadmap? Where do you see the project going in the future?

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