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You’re hungry and want to order a pizza, but you don’t know what places are open.

Even though there’s an app for almost everything these days, finding the closest place that delivers is still hard. Most apps only list one or two of your favorite chains and if you live in a city with more than 2 delivery options then you’re out of luck because they’ll never be able to keep up with all the local pizza joints. Plus, we’ve all been disappointed by restaurants that claim to deliver when they actually just mean “we’ll bring it out to your car.”

Bluemonkeysports is here to help! Our blog will give you the information of “What pizza places are open?”

What pizza places are open?

What pizza places are open?

What pizza places are open? – 25 Restaurants

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Tony’s (as well as sister spot Capo’s and several Slice Houses around the Bay) is rightfully considered one of California’s best pizza restaurants for its quality, not just Neapolitan pies.

Though he has taken home umpteen awards in that category alone – including two championships from NYC contest organizers.

It would be wrong to think that this foodie only makes traditional pizzas; instead Tony Gemignani cultivates an all out passion towards ones based on different styles or regions across Italy: Sicilian Style especially stands out with creative toppings inspired by his grandmother like honey pie amongst them! His recipes are delicious regardless if you’re looking for something light & fruity.


Way back in the pizza dark ages of 2004, A16 was one of the first places to serve true Neapolitan pies with a crisp crust and all.

They’re still churning them out well over ten years later- often pairing their pizzas off against Italian wine from on point selections available here at The Foundry!

Golden Boy Pizza

Golden Boy Pizza

Golden Boy Pizza

When you want a pizza that will be sure to hit the spot, go no further than this Sicilian pizzeria.

The late night crowds are usually too busy making their own pies or enjoying one of theirs for dinner and they’re not open as long but if it’s getting close to dinnertime then order up!

Tommaso’s Ristorante Italiano

Tommaso’s Ristorante Italiano is a classic, family run Italian restaurant located in the North Beach area of San Francisco.

Since 1962 they have been serving up fresh homemade pasta and fantastic pizzas that are baked in a coal fired oven to give the crust a nice crispy texture. The various types of pizza change daily depending on what fresh ingredients are available and in season.

Del Popolo

It started as a roving pie vendor with an unmistakable glass-encased truck, before turning brick and mortar.

Del Popolo’s wood fired pizzas are courtesy of Flour + Water alum Jon Darsky who carefully crafts each one to be beautifully blistered from the oven heat up front then cooked in fresh dough guaranteeing only top grade ingredients were used for this Neapolitan style pizza shop located at 216 California Street.

Which opened their doors last year after one night stand turned into something much more than expected when they put out some truly mouthwatering creations including classics like Margherita Pizza or even specializing was seafood options such as Linguine all Shells & Clams Mussilli Broth.

Pizzeria Delfina

The Delfina’s is an empire, with multiple locations across San Francisco and Burlingame.

The pizzas here are some of the best in town.

They offer fresh ingredients that you can’t find at any other restaurant like their puffy crusts which have nice charring on them or delicious seasonal toppings such as tomato sauce for Margherita pizza lovers who prefer simplicity in their meal plans while still being satisfied by classics from time immemorial—the salsiccia dish comes highly recommended if there ever was one!

Pizzetta 211

Pizzetta 211 knows that true seasonality means changing their menu and pizzas by the nanosecond.

The wait times can be long, but it’s worth stopping in for a 12-inch pie like white pizza with rosemary and fiore sardo if you’re hungry! You won’t regret eating at Pizzea Tuesdays either so come as soon as possible before they run out of those cheesey goodnesses again.


The moment you walk into Fiorella, a thin-crusted Neapolitan pie is waiting for your taste buds. The restaurant has been named “Best Pizza” by everyone from San Francisco Magazine to Yelp!

If it weren’t enough that they serve more than pizza here–their Bay Area Toile wallpaper features Alice Waters and E-40 among other local notables as well so be sure not miss out on this place if visiting the Inner Sunset District of SF.

Zero Zero

Zero Zero

Zero Zero

Zero Zero’s wood-fired, Neapolitan style pizzas are a staple in the Bay Area.

They have pulled pillowy pies with leopard spots from their blistering hot ovens since 2005 and it is one of SoMa’s early high end players to hold its own for 10 years now thanks to popular bar that draws crowds before or after an evening out at one of Silicon Valley’s newest hotspots

The history behind zero ZERO pizza begins long before they were even cooking up deliciousness on Valencia Street back when Napolitans ruled supreme over everything else!

Square Pie Guys

The rectangular pizzas from these Detroit-style square pie specialists have always been prepared with takeout or delivery in mind, making them perfect for the pandemic era.

Order online for both take out and onsite dining at their closed restaurant that offers only catering services to its customers!

Little Star Pizza

When you order a pizza from Little Star, it’s the closest thing to perfection that exists in this world. The deep dish is so good and their signature cornmeal crust will make your mouth water with every bite of cheesy goodness!

Not only does President Obama love our favorite pie but we’ve heard other celebrities like Miley Cyrus also can’t get enough or live without ordering one each time they come into town.

Sunset Squares Pizza

When the mystery pizza chef would come to your house and cook you a pie, it wasn’t just for show.

No one knew who this guy was until he revealed himself: Dennis Lee from Namu mini-empire of restaurants!

His square pies are made using proprietary sourdough concoction some have described as neo-Detroit style with toppings ranging from standard (pepperoni & cheese) or unexpected such kimchi mixed in too – perfect if that sounds like what you want tonight after work while sipping on craft beer at SSP Beer Hall located inside Perennial’s former location once slated only be home base Gaji bar scene changers since 2016 when they closed shop due an ownership change over.

Gioia Pizzeria

Gioia is a bakery that has expanded its business to all of New Jersey and into Manhattan. The pies they sell are more than just delicious; they’re also an experience: with their East Coast style, sometimes you’ll find gussied up West Coast toppings on them (like one covered in kale).

Casey’s Pizza

Casey Crynes, the brains behind one of San Diego’s most well-known food truck spots is now dishing out his delicious pizza in a permanent location.

With an added kitchen space and access to Marsal & Son’s double deck oven where he can make Neapolitan style pizzas like Zoe’s Meats pepperoni or olive oil drizzled sundaes for dessert!

Arinell Pizza

For those who fear a fold, it’s not the place to go. Arinell is less vaunted but still very solid with their Sicilian pie-making skills as well; however for those looking forward towards an extra layer of toppings on their dish – all pies at this pizzeria are “the less toppings better!”

Arizmendi Bakery

Arizmendi is a worker-owned cooperative that creates fresh, delicious pizza every day. They have over 30 different flavors to choose from including whole wheat crusts and organic vegetables in addition to their famous sourdough which can be ordered by the half or whole pie!


At the height of San Francisco’s coronavirus outbreak, Outer Sunset wood-fire pizza joint Damnfine opened up in a former “massage parlor.”

With their naturally fermented pizzas cooked over an 5500 lbs. oven brick Ovens are hard at work day and night making signature pies with locally grown ingredients for all your cravings!

Outer sunset has always been known as one if not thee best parts about living here because there is no shortage on fresh food when it comes down to choosing what type or style you want.


The pandemic wasn’t kind to anyone, and that includes Adriano Paganini’s Back of the House restaurant group.

Despite that fact, Baretta still manages get a few rays of hope shining through with their late night dining option which is open until 11pm as well as serving solid thin crust pies topped off by Italian meats and fresh mozzarella on top of each slice for your enjoyment!

The Pizza Place On Noriega

The Pizza Place On Noriega

The Pizza Place On Noriega

If you’re looking for the perfect pizza in San Francisco, look no further than The Pizza Place on Noriega. These pies are baked in a traditional brick oven and take at least 30 minutes to make! You can order any gluten-free or vegan topping that your heart desires–they’ll use it too without question (or charge extra).

Pi Bar

Pi Bar has the most extensive selection of beers that I have seen in any bar, and their pies are worth a try. You can grab slices starting at $4.75 with additional toppings costing you 35 cents each for an excellent deal!


The Firepie trailer is iconic for their promise of quick delivery, usually within 15 minutes. The menu offers just four pizzas made with high quality ingredients and a limited edition option topped off by chorizo from family-owned bay area specialty meats company Carniceria Tepa. Customers can order online or through the app on your phone!

Cellarmaker House of Pizza

The Detroit-style pizza is not going anywhere soon, and Cellarmaker’s square pie has an even balance between crust to topping ratio with lots of crispy edges.

Their specialty pies are worth trying out: The classic pepperoni or red top from there home state will always be delicious as well as one off creations which you can order once a month!


PizzaHacker is a new pizza joint in San Francisco that just opened last month. Founder Jeff Krupman, who trained under the Iron Chef of Pizza fame Samuel “Theburningchef” Siegers at Napa Rose Wine Co., serves up his signature “Franken-Weber” pie with an almost indescribable crust and topping combination – if you’re lucky enough to experience it without having ordered one off their secret menu!

Zante Pizza & Indian Cuisine

The pizza at Zante is so good, it’s no wonder that the best Indian pizzas can be found in San Francisco. By default this delicious pie comes with a savory masala sauce and lots of veggies but you’re free to spice things up if desired by adding tandoori chicken or lamb!

Gialina Pizzeria

Gialina is a family-friendly Glen Park restaurant with an excellent menu of starters and roasts, but it’s the pizza that inspires people to come here on their lunch break or after dinner.

The dough at Gia’s tastes just right – thin yet crispy enough so you can’t cut through it too easily with your teeth;

They also offer composed pies like Yukon gold topped off by potatoes cooked in bacon red onions thyme gorgonzola cheese which will be sure satisfy any taste buds craving something different than what everyone else has tried before!

What time does the pizza place close

That depends on the pizza place. Many restaurants serve food well into the evening hours, but some stop taking orders much earlier than that. To find out when your favorite spot closes its kitchen for the night, contact it directly or visit its website.


Is domino’s open right now

Yes! It is currently open. Besides, pizza places deliver late at night but it depends on which place you go to. For instance, i know that dominoes delivers until like 11pm, and papa johns delivers until like midnight (and I think papa johns is even later than dominoes, if u know what i mean).

What are people saying about pizza places in San Francisco, CA?

“We had a lovely dinner of pizza at “A16″. This place has a really lively atmosphere, both with the restaurant itself and the crowd. We were a little worried about finding a table but we walked right in and got sat down immediately.

They have an extensive wine list as well as any kind of beer you could want. The pizza was cooked to perfection with a great crust and a sweet sauce. Plus they gave us these delicious dough balls while we waited for the pizza.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants good Italian food or if you want some wine before going out in the city.”

What are some pizza places with a large number of reviews in San Francisco, CA?

According to a recent study conducted by a Bay Area research group, San Francisco has the highest concentration of pizzerias per capita in all of America. And because there are so many great places to pick from – it can be tough to figure out which one’s worth going to.


Conclusion paragraph: For a tasty pizza in the middle of the night, try these chains. In this article we’ve highlighted some of the best places to get an after-hours slice. We hope you find our suggestions helpful and can enjoy your favorite late-night treat while everyone else is asleep!

What would you add to the list? What do you think about San Francisco pizza in general and these restaurants in particular? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Also, please subscribe to my newsletter so we can keep in touch! Thanks for visiting!

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