Why did Sally face kill soda?

The day of the Red-Eyed Demon infestation, Soda and her father were both infected by Red Eyes and were sequentially slaughtered by Sal to prevent it from spreading.

for instance, Who Killed Mrs Sanderson in Sally face?

Sal Fisher is first introduced to the pony and the rest of Charley Mansfield’s collection as he meets his new neighbors. Sal later finds out that Larry Johnson witnessed Charley kill Mrs. Sanderson for the pony while he was fixing her plumbing.

significantly, Who is Kenneth in Sally face?

Game Information

Kenneth Phelps is one of the two main antagonists of Sally Face. He is the father of Travis Phelps and a pastor at the Phelps Ministry. He made his first brief appearance in The Trial, where it is revealed he is the leader of The Devourers of God and whilst summoning the Red-Eyed Demon to Earth.

also What happened to Maple in Sally face?

And in Episode 5, Neil and Maple are murdered by the cult while Sal stays dead.

What did Larry do to Mrs? Mrs. Gibson apparently became colder to everyone when a stray firecracker from Larry killed her beloved rabbit.

Who died in Sally face?


  • Sal Fisher.
  • Travis Phelps.
  • Neil.
  • Lisa Johnson-Fisher.

How do you get toy from Charlie Sally’s face?

Enter Apartment 204 – Charley’s apartment. Talk to Charley, and give him the cup of TEA & SLEEP AID. He gulps it down – the sleeping pills quickly take effect, sending him into a deep sleep. Now look at the display cabinet, and pick up the CHARLEY’S PONY toy.

Where can I buy tea Sally’s face?

Location. The Teacup can be given to Sal Fisher by Mr. Addison as many times as possible if asked.

Will there be a sally face 2?

The sequel was first announced on December 17, 2019 in the Sally Face Postmortem posted on Steve Gabry’s wordpress. … He confirmed it would indeed be a sequel taking place not long after the first game, and would follow familiar characters while also introducing new ones.

Will there be a Sally Face 2?

The sequel was first announced on December 17, 2019 in the Sally Face Postmortem posted on Steve Gabry’s wordpress. … He confirmed it would indeed be a sequel taking place not long after the first game, and would follow familiar characters while also introducing new ones.

What is the code for Todd’s room in Sally’s face?

You found 3 codes around the house, so add them together. 145 + 5023 + 7842 = 13010. So enter 13010 into Todd »s door. Voila!

What is the end of Sally Face?

Episode 5: Memories and Dreams is the fifth and final episode of Sally Face. It was released on December 13, 2019, and it is available on itchi.io and Steam.

Is Sal Fisher a girl or boy?

Sal is a young male with light blue hair most often pulled up into pigtails. he wears a prosthetic that covers his whole face minus his eyes, a black sweater, red jeans with the knees ripped out, and blue sneakers. Sal can be seen with two earrings in both ears.

Where does Sally face take place?

Nockfell is a small rural American town located in Nockfell County that serves as the main setting for Sally Face.

What happened to Sally face’s mom?

At the beginning of Strange Neighbors, her corpse was shown with a strange wound on her scalp, possibly indicating a bite. Her death may have been caused by the attack of the dog that carried rabies. … However, it’s later revealed that she was shot dead by Kenneth while trying to protect her son.

What’s the passcode in Sally face?

In the dream unlock the door with the code « 5364 » to have « batteries included ».

What is the quarter for Sally face?

Location. In « Strange Neighbors », the quarter is found in Room 402 in Henry’s bedroom. However, it can only be obtained after Henry has fallen asleep.

Is Sally face missing an eye?

Sal is on medication for anxiety, depression, and migraines. His right eye is a prosthetic made of glass. Sal and his father were born with blue hair.

What year is Sally Face 2 coming out?

Part One came out in 2019 and Part Two is coming out on December 17th.

How long did Sally’s face take?

Sally Face was developed by the indie game studio Portable Moose, composed of solo developer Steve Gabry. The game took five years to develop. It was developed using the Unity game engine.

Where are the teeth in Sally’s face?


  1. N tooth: found in the abandoned apartment in the basement in the first bedroom.
  2. E tooth: found in Room 102 on the floor to the right of the door.
  3. Burned tooth: located in the bathroom of Room 202.
  4. S tooth: on the kitchen counter in Room 304.
  5. W tooth: Room 501 on the far right after the cutscene.

What is the code for Todd’s shed?

Look at the shed. Enter the code from Todd’s Note – 403 5364.

What happened in Sally face Chapter 5?

The basic storyline to episode five is that Ash and Neil, following the events of episode four, take it upon themselves to stop their local cult, The Devourers of God, who are responsible for the infection of the residents in Addison Appartments. (Which is why Sal had to kill them.)

What kind of cat is Gizmo Sally face?

Gizmo is a thoroughbred cat of a light auburn brown color with white stripes all over his body and a white muzzle.

Is Sally a boy or a girl?

Sally is an English language feminine given name. The name originated as a pet name for Sarah, but has since become used independently.

Is Sally face a horror game?

Sally Face is an indie horror point-and-click Adventure game developed by Steve Gabry. The game is broken up into five episodes following the titular character, a boy with a prosthetic face, where the player follows as he moves into the Addison Apartments with his father following a mysterious murder.

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