Will Joji Ever Return As Filthy Frank?

Fans are going nuts after former YouTuber turned international pop-star, Joji, teased a return of his hit character “Filthy Frank” on Instagram. In 2016 George “Joji” Miller said that he would not continue to play the role of Filthy Frank or Pink Guy on his YouTube channel due to his struggle with severe epilepsy. via

How old is Filthy Frank 2?

Eli Margolis (born: July 4, 1998 (1998-07-04) [age 23]) better known online as TVFilthyFrank2, is an American YouTuber known for his fan-made reboot of the TVFilthyFrank show. via

What happened to Pink Guy?

Miller had always wanted to be a musician first. In 2015, he released the “Pink Guy” album and followed it up with “Pink Season” in 2017. After “Pink Season” was released and charted on Billboard, Miller decided that he would be retiring the character to focus on less meme-related content. via

Why did Filthy Frank stop uploading?

On 29 December 2017, Miller released a statement on Twitter explaining that he had stopped producing comedy, including Filthy Frank, due to both “serious health conditions” and his personal lack of interest in continuing the series. via

Is George Miller dead?

George Miller via

Does Filthy Frank know Japanese?

He was born on September 18, 1992 in Osaka, Japan. He is half Japanese and half Australian. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and often flies to Los Angeles for work, where he has a residence. He can speak fluent English and Japanese and some broken Spanish. via

Is Joji related to Ezra Miller?

Irrespective of their resemblance, the two are not related. Joji was born in Osaka, Japan, to an Australian mother, and his father is believed to have Japanese roots. Ezra, on the other hand, has Jewish and German ancestry. via

Is Joji Australian?

Joji, who is half Australian and half Japanese, grew up in Osaka, Japan. He taught himself how to make music using GarageBand after hearing Lil Wayne’s 2008 hit “A Milli” and wanting to recreate the beat. (Joji’s other favorites early on were 50 Cent and Limp Bizkit.) via

Is Pink Guy Chin-Chin?

This was around the time Creepy Dude showed up after a long absence and began hanging out with Frank and the gang, It was revealed in “PINK GUY COOKS TAKOYAKI AND RAPS” that Creepy Dude is actually Chin-Chin in disguise. He and Plastic Pinocchio disappeared. via

What is the Pink Guy meme?

The “Bane vs Pink Guy” meme is a popular image circulating the web to be used as a reaction picture for a variety of social media websites. This image was inspired by the 2012 hit film The Dark Knight Rises with the villain character Bane depicted by action star Tom Hardy. via

What is Pink Guy’s real name FNAF?

What Scott was hinting at all along was this pink man, this strange, spastic dickhole known as Jacob Sartorius, the father of Stewie Griffin and the killer of the six (possily 9/11) chaos emeralds in chuck e cheese’s pizzeria. via

Why did Maxmoefoe quit?

In October 2013, Max took a break from his main channel, due to personal circumstances, reportedly being unable to film due to living in a house with 7 people. via

Did Filthy Frank stop YouTube?

The Swede revealed why he has “respect” for him over the decision. While many today know Joji for his chart-topping music, the artist originally got his start on YouTube making videos under his Filthy Frank moniker. The creator eventually retired the channel, and transitioned into a wildly successful singing career. via

What was the point of Filthy Frank?

Filthy Frank is not afraid to jokes about serious and controversial issues. However, the Filthy Frank’s purpose isn’t to discriminate, it is to parody society. For example, Filthy Frank was not racist because when he made jokes he’s wasn’t mocking any race, but rather the institution of racism itself. via

How old is Joji?

Joji via

Is Joji an actor?

Joji was born as George Miller. He is an actor and writer, known for The Filthy Frank Show (2011), via

What did Filthy Frank say in Japanese?

Speech. The Dark Lord Chin-Chin only has one proper phrase: “Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo”. However he says this infamous line with particular accents and tones to create different words. via

Is Joji Japanese for George?

Joji (丈二, or 譲二, 城二, 譲治 multiple variants) is a Japanese masculine given name. It is also the Japanese pronunciation of the Western name “George” (ジョージ). via

Who has Ezra Miller dated?

This list of Ezra Miller’s girlfriends and exes includes Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, and Erin Urb.

  • Shailene Woodley. Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images.
  • Erin Urb. Photo: Billy Ingram / Getty Images.
  • Lauren Nolting. Photo: Lauren Nolting / Instagram.
  • Zoë Kravitz. Photo: Lars Niki / Getty Images.
  • via

    How rich is Ezra Miller?

    Ezra Miller Net Worth: Ezra Miller is an American actor who has a net worth of $3 million dollars. via

    Is Ezra Miller Filthy Franks cousin?

    TheBatstan on Twitter: “Today I learned Ezra Miller Filthy Frank’s cousin. My hype for the Flash movies has increased 1000 fold b0ss.… ” via

    How old is HowToBasic?

    HowToBasic (born: July 8, 1994 (1994-07-08) [age 27]) is an Australian YouTuber known for his messy “tutorials” marketed as typical tutorials, but actually containing erratic actions and raging over items, most notably with eggs. via

    Does Joji still use GarageBand?

    Some things haven’t changed. Joji still composes primarily on GarageBand, the stock music production software included on Apple computers and iOS devices. via

    What does orewa Ochinchin daisuki Nandayo mean?

    okay,it means : I love ‘Pocket Monster‘! via

    What does pink guy always say?

    Pink Guy is called “Pink Mensch” in German, as seen in HITLER’S EVIL SON. In earlier stages, Pink Guy did speak fluent English, as seen in “GANGNAM STYLE – PINK GUY”. He screamed: “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW DAD???? via

    What is the guy in the pink suit from?

    Frank P. Jones, the celebrity art critic known nationally as The Man In the Pink Suit, is seen by four independent witnesses and recorded on videotape shooting industrialist Charles Tabor. Jones strongly denies the charge, but he has the motive, the opportunity, a Walter PPK/S automatic, and no alibi. via

    Does Joji Miss Filthy Frank?

    Joji Explains Decision to Quit Filthy Frank and Pink Guy as He Pursues Music Career. “This decision is final.” Joji became one of our favorite new artists in 2017 with his relaxing, lo-fi music and an excellent debut EP, In Tongues. via

    Who is this pink person?

    Kitten Kay Sera is officially the world’s pinkest person, the ultimate pink lady, the duchess of blush. She lives la vie en rose. The 52-year-old from Hollywood (where else?) lives in a totally pink house with pink accessories and has worn nothing but pink for the last 35 years. via

    Is the purple guy the pink guy?

    Fandom. William is Pink guy, Micheal is Purple Guy. And so, Micheal doesn’t die, and he becomes purple guy, repeating his fathers action, Pink guy, to see if William would return to him. The spirits of the children catch up to him in FNaF 3 and he runs into Springtrap, the springlocks then releasing. via

    Is Henry pink guy?

    Henry is a grey man with brown eyes, grey eyes in minigame, brown hair, and potentially a mouth that looks like it’s always smiling, and in the minigames, he has grey eyes, sitting in a seat and recording tapes at a desk. Many people theorize he’s the pink man, but there is no factual evidence behind that. via

    Who is the orange man in FNaF?

    Template:Character Orange man Yellow Man is the main antagonist of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator’s minigame Midnight Motorist. He is another sprite of William Afton. via

    Who is HowToBasic face reveal?

    More videos on YouTube

    It’s revealed that it’s Michael Stevens of Vsauce who has tantalized us with this channel for the past seven years. Until, that is, Max Stanley of maxmoefoe shows up and proves that he’s actually the real brains behind the channel. via

    Does Maxmoefoe have a kid?

    Maxmoefoe on Instagram: “This is my biological son Earl.” maxmoefoeofficial This is my biological son Earl. via

    How old is iDubbbz?

    iDubbbz via

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