Yield Farming on Quickswap With Matic Network (Polygon)

In this video I show you step-by-step how to yield farm on Quickswap using the Matic network (also called Polygon). I cover all the steps, which basically consist of the following:

1) Getting a Metamask wallet and adding the Matic network to it
2) Bridging your Ethereum based assets over to the Matic chain
3) Swapping tokens on Quickswap
4) Adding liquidity to pools
5) Earning quick rewards in reward pools
6) Utilising the quick token you earn.

The links you need are as follows:

Quickswap – https://quickswap.exchange/
Metamask Wallet – https://metamask.io/
Adding Matic to Metamask – https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/metamask/config-matic/


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